Bhu-Vastra, the brand is the representation of the quintessential, modern women. Its roots are entrenched in the culture, craft and history transforming the traditional techniques into versatile yet timeless fashion that’s relevant to the spirit of time we live in. For every garment, Bhu-Vastra pays attention to fabrics, fitting and perfect quality.

The brand is handcrafted in India.

The brand was co-founded in the year 2018 as for the shared passion and love for style, authencity and comfort, which at heart is also the brands philosophy.

Our Founders

Vinita Bali Mathur-The Vivacious Co-Founder/Designer

Her vision and interpretation are an absolute. She has an aptitude to transform silhouettes, etched on paper into breathtaking bespoke outfits. With her eye for detail, every piece becomes unique and translated into statement pieces.


Apoorve Mathur-The Pristine Co-Founder/Dreamer

He is the brand’s biggest critic thus making him the strongest purveyor of perfection. His focus is always to ensure easy functionality alongside custom styling.